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Financial Miracle

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My husband and I have been listening to your messages on financial grace for about six months now.  We have been Christians for over forty years and have NEVER heard this kind of teaching on finances.  We always have heard the teaching on tithes and offerings.  We also have been programmed to believe in the principle of sowing and know the "seed time and harvest" teaching.  That one really had us stuck in the mire. We have given so much money to the church, more than what we've had to give and we have struggled with poverty our whole lives. I mean, how much time has to go by before you see the harvest?  We never saw the harvest! Thank you so much for having the courage to teach the truth about money.  It has helped us so much!  We are experiencing a new found freedom in our hearts regarding God's commitment to us in caring for us and our needs.  We are experiencing a new freedom in giving out of the true generosity of our hearts.  Aside from all that we are prospering in our finances like we never have before. My husband is a General Contractor with his own business.  The work is coming in like never before and the money is pouring in like we have never seen before. We are experiencing true prosperity now, the kind of prosperity that happens in the heart.  Thank you Jesus! And, thank you so much, Bertie!  We appreciate you and your ministry so much!

Grace and peace,
- Rick and Therese - USA -

Just wanted to let you know that your ministry is setting me free! I work for a wonderful, well-known ministry that, unfortunately, still preaches tithing. However, I listen to your messages all day long and I have found that what you say is true. When the requirements regarding finances are removed, the generosity of God 'naturally' rises up on the inside of a child of God. What a great way to live! Looking forward to living in the grace of God from now on! Thank you!
- Anonymous -

The messages I have been listening to on your site have been revealing and awakening a truth I have always felt and known...I just never have been able to put it into words. It has been freeing me from a lifetime of..I am what I do. I am a good church girl because of my giving & my serving. Our family is praised for all their good works. That worked for awhile..until we were questioned about our monthly giving. It seemed to them we had character issues because we were not giving the full 10%. We were told it was rebellious. I knew it was wrong, but what could I do. The church must know best. Hearing the Tithe message has taken that slave feeling right off from me!! Freedom has come from the truth that is preached on your website.
I have shared these messages all over Michigan. It is the real Gospel...and I find my heart resting in who I am..and who He is!!!!!
- Anonymous -

Dear Bertie, we just watched today’s message and we too are really enjoying these messages on finances.  We have found ourselves more and more free to give, and it is a wonderful feeling!  Just wanted you to know what a blessing you are, and we appreciate your boldness.
- Kimberly & Michael Vizza -

Dear Bertie
Thank you for teaching us the truth about the law.  Specifically about the tith.  I would like to share a story with you. About 1996, my wife and I were listening to all the "Word of Faith" teachers. We read the scriptures the way they did and saw the same things they did.  We were glad to tithe and sow.  I didn't know it at the time but faith had become a work. One day I was sitting at my computer, about to play a game, when the Lord spoke to me. I have only heard him speak this clearly about 12 times, like someone’s thoughts coming into my mind. He said "prove me this day and see if my covenant is a covenant of a free gift. Don't tithe or give for one month." I said "Lord, I'm hardly making it now, how will I make it if I stop tithing"?
No answer. I told My wife what the Lord said and we did it. Ten days later we received a van that we had prayed for some time earlier. It was not new but it was very good, it was free, and it was insured. I wish I could say that we never have financial challenges but that's not true. I can say that from that time, we have never given out of obligation or to motivate God into doing something. We are givers, like our father.
Thank you to Bertie!

- Jim & Amy - USA -

I’ve been saved from poverty.  Thank you so much for allowing our Daddy God to use your teaching to bless me so much. Thank you!
- Penny -

Dear Bertie. Thanks for your teachings on finances. I am experiencing more peace and prosperity in my life than ever before.  And it is only been a few weeks!! The key truly is identity, and you are very secure in yours, which empowers you to tackle the big subject of tithing and sowing and reaping within the church without fear of losing anything; particularly income.  Again, thanks for staying true to the gospel and God.  Bless you my brother!
- Joan Wiseman - USA -

Your message on the tithe when you were in Tulsa this past July turned my whole world right side up.  I began giving out of His heart of generosity rather than feeling I needed to give 10% to the penny every month.  Unknown to me at the time, a month after I received the message with joy, I would be losing my job.  If this had happened to me prior to hearing your message, I would have felt I was not doing right if I didn’t tithe whatever money I could get working odd jobs here and there.  Condemnation would have been staring me in the face, because I lived in the tithing teaching all my born-again life.  But now I am eating my tithe out of necessity and overwhelmed at His goodness and His perfect timing.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you for preaching this message.  The Lord is SO incredibly amazing and awesome – more than words can ever say!
- Sarah Maitland (Bixby, Oklahoma) -

After hearing this it NOW ALL MAKES SENSE!! Thank you so much for this.  Having been in ministry for the last 20 years as a Missionary in Australia, Asia and Malaysia, what a joy to finally get rid of that legalistic teaching on tithing.  Seeing Him as our Tithe is so liberating.
- Steve Roberts (Malaysia) -

I have listened to your teaching on Prosperity by Grace Part 5. You speak with so much authority and I could really experience the anointing during the teaching. "Godliness with contentment is great gain" that is really great! The part of "the love of money..." is also really good and for the first time I understand it. God bless you!
- Anonymous -

After listening to your 12-part series on Money, I found peace in finances through being able to trust my heavenly Father to always provide for me, not because I've sown or tithed or given or named my seed or confessed or done anything else correctly, but because He is my Father who provides for me, His child, through His Grace. Thank you Bertie for this breakthrough teaching that has also revolutionized my understanding of God and the Cross. My shop has done amazingly well this season while all the stores in town are complaining. Thank You Jesus!
- L McGregor -

Thank you so much for CD - THE TRUTH ABOUT MONEY - it has set my wife and I free.  I know what you spoke is truth!
- Anonymous -

Thank you for your prayers.  God has blessed me with my finances and also with a job.
- Marlon -

Your messages on Prosperity by Grace are wonderful. I have always wondered why God gives us everything free except money.  I now understand the basis of our giving.  I have always given out of fear and intimidation, but thanks to your teachings, I am free.  Thank you once more and may the Lord continue to prosper you.
- Anonymous -

Finally, after listening to your teaching on "Money On The Cross" for the 4th time, I got some understanding about 2 Cor 9:6. You explained in a very, very good way. And I am sure after listening to this teaching again a few more times, I will definitely understand the true message of Prosperity through Christ. Thanks Bertie, thank u so-o much for being a major help in getting me delivered from the bondage of "Tithing and Offerings" and "Sowing and Reaping". You don't know how free I feel since the day I accidentally visited your website (I think it was the Lord who must have directed me towards your website; it is mathematically impossible for me to even search for you on the web) I think you are one of the most "Un-Greedy" and "Un-Manipulative" (pardon my wrong English, but I couldn't find any better word to describe you) preachers I have ever heard. You never "BEG" for money nor do you manipulate to give, and the best example is that you give away all your teachings for free!!! I honestly like your boldness and your trust in God to provide you with everything. Please keep up the good work, this fallen world needs more people like you.
- Sachin Kunjikoran -

Hi Bertie, a few months ago you send me a DVD about Prosperity by Grace 1 - 6 in the N.T. and Truth about Money.  What a blessing.
- Anonymous -

A year ago our business went bankrupt.  It was very bad for me because I thought I was doing everything right according to the Book (the Law).  I was convinced that God didn't love me anymore so my life fell apart.  My wife and I began to listen to the good news very intensively.  We listened to it and made it part of our lives.  I realized that the Law cannot help me, only God's wonderful grace.  A few months later God provided us with a new job.  It was wonderful.  But our debt was very big and we were not able to pay it. February this year we were still more than R100 000 in debt.  I just put my trust in God and proclaimed that He is good and that He is our Father and that He will look out for us.  I didn't sow or were able to pay my tithe.  I just trusted God for His unconditional love and mercy.  Our debt came down from R100 000 to R38 000 in only a few months.  I just want to give God all the glory for He is good and we cannot do anything to deserve it.  Thank you Bertie for teaching us the Good News.
- Anonymous -

Your teaching “Money on the Cross" was the BEST ever teaching I have ever listened to.  There is a great need of preachers like you in the world today.  God bless you brother!
- Karthik -

Dear Bertie
Your teachings bless me in so many ways.  The teachings on money are excellent.  I agree with in every expect.  You are bit of a kind.  Please continue the great job and remain blessed in Christ Jesus.
- Queen Juliet -

I have been listening to your sermons at the “Word Well" and am so blessed, especially with Money on the Cross.  The things you said are true.  I had spent time listening over and over, double checking the scriptures for myself and using my brain to think apart from the traditional teachings, even temporarily withholding my tithe for the month and opening my eyes to see if I am still blessed AND I AM, if not MORE!!!  It is true, we can never be cursed.  Last time when I tithe/sow/give, I open my eyes big to expect blessings to come thus am sensitive when blessings happen (sometimes they don't), but seriously, when I believe your teachings to rely solely on the cross for my blessings and become sensitive to any blessings, THEY HAPPEN TOO!!  You really have the best teaching on this subject.  Thank you Bertie.
- Anonymous (Singapore) -

Almost 2 months ago somebody stole our car at work.  It was a horrible experience.  But we just gave the whole situation in God's hands and thanked Him for a miracle.  We didn't sow anything we just trusted God for a miracle.  By God's grace a family member phoned and said that they will give us a car.  The new car that we got is a much better car then the previous one.  All the honour to God because He is good and only good.  Thank you Bertie and your team for all the wonderful good news that we can hear and see.  God bless you.
- Anonymous -

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